First edition of the activity: Your doctoral thesis 6, “Writing and preparing your manuscript in English”, 2023-2024 academic year.

Activity aimed at doctoral students and teaching and research staff of the UPC who prepares the manuscript of the doctoral thesis in English. The workshop is taught in English.

A personal laptop is required.

This course is part of the “Your doctoral thesis” pathway and is recommended in an intermediate or advanced stage of the thesis.



The main objective of the course is to know how to prepare and present the doctoral thesis, according to UPC academic regulations.

At the end of the workshop, participants will know how to:

Prepare your manuscript: structure, special theses (compendium, embargo)
Scientific writing: tips and graphic criteria
Publishing your thesis: authorship, institutional affiliation, open access, copyright issues...



1. Preparing your manuscript
1.1. Manuscript structure
1.2. Special theses: compendium, embargo

2. Publishing your thesis:
2.1. Authorship: personal name and institutional affiliation, co-authorship
2.2. Open Access publishing or embargo: copyright, Creative Commons licenses, intitutional repositories

3. Scientific writing
3.1. Writing guidelines
3.2. Graphic criteria


The workshop will alternate between explanation of general cases and discussion of participants’ questions.

Session materials will be available in Atenea.

This course is recommended in an intermediate or advanced stage of the thesis. It is part of the “Your doctoral thesis” pathway:

Tools for organising information (Your doctoral thesis 1)
Information resources and services in ... (Your doctoral thesis 2)
Reference managers (Your doctoral thesis 3)
Scientific publishing (Your doctoral thesis 4)
Visibility and impact indicators (Your doctoral thesis 5)
Writing and preparing your manuscript (Your doctoral thesis 6)
- Open science (Your doctoral thesis 7)




The ICE will issue attendance certificates to participants provided they have registered through the application form and have been accepted.

A few days after the end, the information related to UPC teaching and research staff who have participated in the workshop will be provided to DRAC automatically.